Siouxland Ethanol, L.L.C.
Unit Trading Bulletin Board

This Bulletin Board is for the posting of buy and sell offers for Units of Membership Interests (“Units”) of Siouxland Ethanol L.L.C. (the “Company”). If you are interested in posting an offer to buy or sell Units, please contact the Company at (866) 687-8020 or by email to [email protected]. If you are interested in responding to a posting on the Bulletin Board, please utilize the applicable contact information provided below to contact the individual who posted the offer. Each posting has a date reflecting when it was posted (a “Posting Date”). Each posting will be removed without notice 120 days after its Posting Date. Although the Company does not participate in any trading of Units, you will be required to provide the Company with required information so that appropriate information can be posted. Once the Company is contacted about consummating a transaction, you will be asked to provide the appropriate information.

A purchase or sale of Units proposed or arranged through the use of this Bulletin Board is subject to all of the “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Bulletin Board” set forth on the preceding web page, which you acknowledged and agreed to in order to reach this web page. Your use of this Bulletin Board constitutes your continuing agreement to be bound by all of such “Terms and Conditions of Use of the Bulletin Board.”

Current Buy Offers

Buyer's Name and Address Contact Information Class and No. of Units Price Per Unit Posting Date
Riley Meuret 402-750-4789 Open $40,000 1/31/2024
Nick Bowdish 712-790-0767 Open $40,000 2/2/2024
Patrick Onderstal 402-369-0122 2 $45,000 3/14/2024

Current Sell Offers

Seller's Name and Address Contact Information Class and No. of Units Price Per Unit Posting Date

Partnership Section 754 Election: The Partnership has made the election, provided under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 754, to adjust the basis of Partnership property for transfers of Partnership interests. The election applies to unit holders who acquired their units by purchase or by inheritance. The general effect of such an election is that upon acquisition of a Partnership unit, a unit holder is entitled to an adjustment to his share of Partnership property to reflect the price at which the unit was purchased. An election under IRC Section 754 permits an investor to claim depreciation deductions to the extent that any basis adjustment is allowed to depreciable property. The Partnership will adjust tax information for the IRC Section 754 election. Your deduction, if any, allowed under IRC Section 743 will be included on the respective Schedule K-1.

The Siouxland Ethanol Board of Directors has declared a distribution of $2,500/unit for units holders as of March 20, 2024. 


There are currently 3,425 units outstanding.